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"I have been working with Art Movement since 2014. This partnership has unfolded with many exciting and unimaginable possibilities. The scale, scope and new array of themes are the manifestation of this inspiring dialogue and collaboration." Alvaro Petritoli, Artist. 

"Alvaro is our most successful artist.  His rise to the top has been an organic process, due to years of passionate hard work, and a persistence in innovation and experimentation.  Alvaro is now at a level of mastery within his chosen media, yet is constantly exploring and developing that.  He has a thorough understanding and confidence in his creativity, which allows him to freely explore his compositions at a deeper level, and to enjoy painting large scale.   Alvaro has an incredible talent for tapping into his imagination, transforming his art process using various kinds of ink and other media into extraordinary, dream-like worlds for the viewer to share.   Alvaro combines many skills, both artistic and professional, and our working relationship is constantly exciting and evolving.  There is no greater pleasure than introducing clients to Alvaro’s work, where his paintings come alive with mystery and magic."

Milly Green, Founder, Art Movement.

For more information please contact

Milly at Art Movement 07972 692494

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